Mat Classes

Mat classes are based on the original series of movements that Joesph Pilates designed. There is a progression to the series, so as you get stronger you can build your practice based on your own body's needs and strengths. Although Mat Classes vary, they are each based on the principles of the Pilates Method. A Mat Class challenges your body while focusing your mind, building a stronger body head to toe.

The Chair

Originally designed by Joseph Pilates as a compact workout system for his New York apartment, The Chair workout enhances stability, balance, and body control. The Chair workout encourages full-body connections, creating a deeper awareness of your body's movement. This is a fun and challenging class for all.

The Reformer

This is a full-body workout on a spring-power machine. The springs and straps give your body gentle feedback and help encourage balanced movement. Working with The Reformer will strengthen and align your whole body, while challenging your core coordination.