What  Clients Say

The “core” of Susan Burke’s teaching ability is her intuitive knowlege of the body. She can tailor a workout to a person’s specific strengths and needs, and will modify the practice to gain the utmost benefit for the student. Her classes are challenging and always changing, she fosters a pleasant sense of community whereby we work hard together but laugh a lot and care for the welfare of each other. I always feel better after a class with Susan.
— Jeanne Fabrikant
I tried Pilates with a few different instructors and was left feeling like I didn’t get much of a workout. I decided to try Susan Burke’s Pilates for Everybody.
I have been working with Susan both mat classes and private classes for 4 plus years now and for the first time in my life I am feeling connected in my body from head to toe, a Pilates principal.
Susan is knowledgeable, attentive, always striving to perfect her craft, and one of the most caring and genuine people I know.
If you want to experience Pilates the way it was meant to be taught and achieve a healthy, strong and connected body, then Pilates for Everybody is for you.
— Darla Renee Sahr
I have been working with Susan in Pilates for more than 10 years. She has a commitment to Pilates and her students that is admirable. She is flexible, kind and fun. Her classes vary regularly, so there is no boredom. Susan ‘reads’ individuals and readily adapts exercises to meet individual strengths or needs. Her healthy approach encourages students of all levels to set reasonable personal goals that help one feel regular exercise is a mind - body experience that is enjoyable and rewarding! I would highly recommend treating yourself to Pilates for Every Body!

— Cyrie Lange
I always thought I was in good shape since I hike and bike and xcountry ski a lot. But then I realized that I actually didn’t have a lot of core strength. So I joined Sue’s Pilates class twice a week in the spring of 2016 to prepare for an upcoming trek in Peru. After a few months I could feel the strength in my core which translates into a stronger sense of self as well as more physical strength. In May 2017 I successfully trekked over the fifteen hundred foot summit of Salkantay Pass in Peru. My next adventure is the Milford Trak in New Zealand . I will be strong and ready to go thanks to Sue and her Pilates class.
— Nancy Copeland
I’ve been riding Dressage for 20 years but have always struggled with the core strength, postural alignment and body awareness necessary to compete at the higher levels. After purchasing my “horse of a lifetime,” I had to find a way to become the athlete I needed to be to ride him correctly and effectively. I started working with Susan in two private lessons a week, identifying and correcting my personal imbalances and weaknesses. After a year, my core strength, balance, awareness and fitness had increased to the point I could achieve my Bronze Medal and win at Third Level Dressage. Now I am taking Chair, Mat and Private lessons with Susan and going for my Silver Medal. Susan changed my life!
— Mary S Piro