Wendy LebBlanc Arbuckle


Wendy is an international leader in embodied movement, with a 40-year background in holistic health, and lifelong studies and collaborations with distinguished pioneers in yoga, Pilates, Structural Integration bodywork somatic arts and sciences, dynamic breath work and energy medicine.

As director of the Pilates Center of Austin for the past 25 years, Wendy studied originally with Romans Kryzanowska and then with Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel...Pilates elders who studied directly with Joseph Pilates. She has  been deeply  inspired by the diversity of their teaching expressions. Additionally, her extensive yoga background, along with studies  with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Judith Aston, Tom Myers, The Guild for Structural Integration, Hubert Godard, Phillip Beach and Jasp van der Wal, with profound breath, fascial biotensegrity, embryology, and ontological studies, helped Wendy develop her own "biointelligent" voice. A beloved "teacher of teachers", her vision has been to illuminate the universal core principles that undermine all great body/mind practices, enabling students and teachers of any discipline to discover their wholeness by cultivating their own voice through the portal and brilliant guidance of their biointelligent wisdom.

A found member of Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the Fascia Research Center, and International Associations of Structural Integration (IASI), she was an original role delineation committee for the creation of the PMA exam, is a PMA-CPT, a presenter  for Pilates Anytime and FusionPilatesEDU, and honored to be a Second Generation Member in Balanced Body's Passing the Touch Mentoring Program, and a Wellsprings of Continuum Practicioner. 

Website: www.pilatescenterofaustin.com

Email: wendy@pilatescenterofaustin.com